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Purchased my first pair of Tieks! So comfy! Decided on the Copperhead Snake Print pair. Figured if I was going to buy a pair of Tieks, I would go all the way.

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Totally battled the madness at the mall, known as Tax Free Weekend, just so I could splurge on a lipstick. I forgot it was today, until I arrived and saw the crowd. I ended up picking up Chanel's Rouge Coco Hydrating Crème Lip Color in Mystique. I saw a review online and had to get it.

I LOVE it! It's the perfect coral. I am going to wear this a LOT. It's exactly what I was looking for. A nice, natural, beautiful shade that still gives an extra Umph. This shade is perfect for my work.

pKTknhb Lipstick001
I'm totally sporting some Farrah hair, today. Here is what the my new lipstick looks like.
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1) I started watching True Blood since the first season aired.
2) I learned of the show from either "Best Weekend Ever" or "The Soup". Can't remember which. lol
3) I turned 30 last May, and I managed to not have a nervous breakdown, thanks to the loving support of friends and family.
4) I was named after my grandmother and great grandmother
5) If I can get away with it, I'll wear the same shirt several days in a row.
6) I've never broken a bone which makes me like Bruce Willis in "Unbreakable".
7) My favorite show (on air) is True Blood
8) I've read the majority of the Sookie Stackhouse novels (11 so far)
9) My favorite designers are Rebecca Taylor, Valentino, Jenny Packham, Betsey Johnson, Marc Jacobs, Rag & Bone, Diane Von Furstenberg, Miu Miu and Clover Canyon.
10) I am a former journalist. I got my start working for my university paper and later worked for HCN.
11) I am now working on my teacher certification
12) I was born in Galveston, TX
13) I am licensed by the state of Texas to conceal and carry.
14) While working as a reporter, people would constantly accuse me of being a "yankee", because I don't sound anything like a Texan.
15) I have no tattoos
16) The only piercings I have are my ears
17) I'm part Czech, Irish, Scottish, and a bunch of other stuff.
18) I have a bachelor of arts degree in communication with a minor in English
19) I was born blonde, but over time it darkened to a medium shade of brown.
20) I'm a makeup snob and rarely buy it from the drugstore
21) I'm somewhat of a cat lady and currently have two.
22) Seeing the movie "SLC Punk", as a teen, left me wanting to be a punk in the 80's.
23) I can't dance... at all... but might bust a move when intoxicated at parties.
24) I grew up doing ballet, tap and jazz and have an assortment of embarrassing photos of me in leotards.
25) My favorite Billy Idol song is "Dancing with Myself" and will lip sync when it comes on.
26) I LOVE fashion and my life goal is to attend New York Fashion Week which is nearly impossible to get in.
27) I also have random embarrassing photos of when I did some modeling as a teen.
28) Despite being a size 8 I was classified as a plus size model. Say what?
29) I wear a size 10 in high end shoes.
30) I'm 5'8
31) As a teen I was obsessed with the show Buffy.
32) Sarah Michelle Gellar is still my idol / gal crush
33) Team Eric Northman (True Blood reference)
34) I was REALLY shy, when I was young
35) My favorite store is Nordstrom
36) I am currently saving up to purchase a ridiculously expensive Prada purse ($1,820 at Neiman Marcus)
37) I have very few allergies
38) The only main thing I'm allergic to is Nickel which prevents me from purchasing cheap earrings.
39) I've been compared to a number of blonde celebrities, which I really don't see the resemblance that much.
40) I'm contemplating cutting my hair into a bob
41) I was diagnosed with a late onset of Bipolar II disorder, at the age of 21.
42) I like to post selfies and cat pics on my Instagram account http://instagram.com/bottleblondegal
43) I have gray eyes
44) My second toe is longer than my big toe
45) I like to exercise when I'm stressed or depressed
46) I'm addicted to coffee and prefer it straight up
47) The first major concert I ever attended was for Sonic Youth in 2004.
48) I have numerous spiral journals that I've written in since high school.
49) I WAS NOT the popular kid in high school and was often teased and mocked. Lost track of the number of times crap was stuck in my hair which is probably why I believe gum is the work of the devil to this day. :P
50) I was accepted much more in college and it was super awesome. :)
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March 18 2004

Last night was a fucking blast! I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. It deffinately qualifies as one of the greatest days ever. Words cannot describe how great that experience was for me. First sonic youth concert I've been to and best performance ever! It deffinately made up for all the crap I went through in Nac. I don’t think there is one thing that could upset me for the rest of the semester that I can’t just laugh off. I had so much fucking fun. Trisha, Bryan and I ended up going. We got these great spots since we came so early. The doors opened at 8:00 but the warm up band didn’t play till 9:00. The name of the warm up band was "Comets on fire". They were pretty cool. Later when Sonic youth came on the stage an hour later I ended up being directly in front of Thurston Moore. I was no more than 10 feet away from him. That’s why I was able to get so many great photos of him. He looked sexy as ever. The first song they played was a new one called "I love you golden blue" they then "The Empty page". They also played "Plastic sun", Drunken Butterfly, Peace attack and a bunch of other songs. God they were so fucking awesome.

The whole performance was a high everything was so great. I’ve never seen someone rock so hard. The fans to SY concerts are a lot different then you would see somewhere else. Because SY fans don't make the devil sign with their hand and act like idiots. I was surprised to see a couple of people wearing DK shirts. I didn't know people still wore those. Anyways I will never forget this day as long as I live. The best part was that the performance took place in a small building called "The gypsy tea room" so it felt a lot more one on one and more personal since it was a small gathering instead of being stuck in a large auditorium with thousands of people. That’s what added to this being so great. I ended up using 1 and a 1/2 rolls of film. I had to change the second one in the dark and ended up dropping the container holding the film. I don’t know how I managed to find it but by pure luck I managed to feel around and find it within seconds. The band ended up doing two encores! I enjoyed every last minute of it. Throughout the performance I had the same grin stuck on my face that was impossible to remove. Just bobbing my head to the beat of the songs and loving it all! I even turned Bryan and Trisha into SY fans. They said they really enjoyed it.

In between one of the songs Thurston pulled a couple of people from the audience up on the stage and started dancing. It was really funny. And after a different song he commented a girl on her necklace and she gave it to him and he wore it for the rest of the show.By the end of the performance we were all dying of thirst. I was so thirsty I was afraid that I might pass out from dehydration. I didn't get home till 1:12 am. It's a good thing I didn't have to come home by curfew that night. Took a while for my ears to stop ringing too but it was all worth it. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I look forward to seeing SY perform again because SONIC YOUTH FUCKING ROCKS!!! Didn't think it was possible but seeing this concert made me an even bigger fan than I already was.

See all the pretty pictures )

Set List (X)

I Love You Golden Blue
The Empty Page
Unmade Bed
Plastic Sun
Pattern Recognition
New Hampshire
Paper Cup Exit
Dude Ranch Nurse
White Kross
Drunken Butterfly
-- (Encore)
Peace Attack
Mariah Carey & The Arthur Doyle Hand Cream
-- (Encore)
Rain on Tin


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