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I wrote about the Marc Jacobs Pansy Print Dress briefly, in an lj entry back in 2012. Since it was so long ago, I decided to update it and provide additional information. The new article about the counterfeit vs authentic Marc by Marc Jacobs dresses can be viewed on my new blog entry "Alice Cullen & Anna Paquin's Marc by Marc Jacobs dress".

I decided to write the entry, because a well known Coolspotter user attempted to sell a fake for the BIN price of $250. An absurd amount for a designer fake. Fortunately, the auction was yanked by Ebay after I reported it. Hopefully, my article will remind people to be more skeptical and prevent folks from being scammed.
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Under the cut at the bottom, I have posted some detailed photos of my Marc Jacobs Pansy Print Dress (which I purchased fully knowing that it is a fake, but it's a damn good looking fake if you ask me lol). Request made by [livejournal.com profile] bells_love

For those who don't know, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Pansy Print Dress is most notably known as one of the outfits Ashley Greene's character Alice Cullen wears in the film Eclipse. The actual dress is VERY hard to come by, which is why many fans of the dress, such as myself, are willing to pay for replicas / fakes.

If you would like to request a post of detailed photos of something from my clothing collection, feel free to comment below and ask. :) I know it can be difficult at times to try and match up these items when searching for them on ebay and such. So I would be happy to help by showing what the specific details of any of my items look like. :)

The flash on the camera makes the dress look a little washed out, but I assure you that the colors of the dress are much richer in person.

Images of my Marc Jacobs Dress under cut )


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