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I wrote about the Marc Jacobs Pansy Print Dress briefly, in an lj entry back in 2012. Since it was so long ago, I decided to update it and provide additional information. The new article about the counterfeit vs authentic Marc by Marc Jacobs dresses can be viewed on my new blog entry "Alice Cullen & Anna Paquin's Marc by Marc Jacobs dress".

I decided to write the entry, because a well known Coolspotter user attempted to sell a fake for the BIN price of $250. An absurd amount for a designer fake. Fortunately, the auction was yanked by Ebay after I reported it. Hopefully, my article will remind people to be more skeptical and prevent folks from being scammed.

Date: 2014-06-06 05:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] aphroditemf.livejournal.com
Well done for calling this guy out on his bullshit!

Date: 2014-06-06 05:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] xjubesx.livejournal.com
Thanks :D She totally had it coming. I actually knew this chick, since we hang in the same fashion community. She knew it was fake, yet she listed it anyway. She has a habit of buying popular clothing items and trying to flip it at double and even triple the price.

She probably got put on probation of some sort by ebay. I can't stand it when people sell designer fakes. It's the same as stealing and people can get in heavy duty legal trouble if caught. This chick totally deserved to get called out.
Edited Date: 2014-06-06 06:07 am (UTC)


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