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I saw this tag on Leighannsays' Youtube channel and thought it would be fun to participate.

1. What is the oldest item in your wardrobe/closet?
That's hard to say. I've purchased vintage items, in the past, but I will answer this with items I've owned the longest. I have a few pieces from the mid 90's that I wore in jr. high school. I don't know which is the oldest though. As you can see, I had a slight obsession with plaid skirts.

2. What is the newest item?
That would be the vintage Betsey Johnson poppy slip dress. I'm a HUGE fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar & love her role as Kathryn in Cruel Intentions so it seemed like the right move. lol

I also purchased this super cute Juicy Couture dress, but it hasn't arrived yet. The dress reminded me a little bit of the vintage Jane Mayle jumper I really like so I thought it would make a pretty cute alternative (since the Jane Mayle piece is pretty much impossible to obtain since it is uber popular and adored by pretty much all Mayle devotees).

I managed to have the winning bid on the Juicy Couture dress at $20. Woot! And despite being sold in stores about 7 years ago, it is still unworn with tags. Woot! The one I won looks just like the picture below except mine is the alternate darker gray version (which I like more).

3. What is the most expensive item?
That would probably have to be my Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress from her Fall 2000 collection. I totally love the abstract pattern & have always wanted to own a classic DVF wrap so I totally splurged haha. It was worth it though. I REALLY like this dress. I had to do quite a bit of digging to track it down. :)

4. What is the cheapest/most affordable item? (that you wear/use a lot!)
My American Eagle plaid shirt. Whenever I am in a hurry (or just having a lazy day), and need to grab something, I reach for this shirt.

5. What was the biggest bargain?
My Elizabeth & James Tulip dress. I ADORE this dress! It's simply beautiful and great quality. The dress is 100% silk and is designed by the designer label Elizabeth & James (which I just recently learned was owned by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen).

The dress originally retailed for $495 on Shopbop, but I was able to find one, that was second hand and in excellent condition, for a lot less. I can't remember how much I paid, but I know it wasn't an outrageous amount. I think I only paid $50 or $60.

6. What was the biggest waste of money?!
This is a hard one, because I've cut back on my spending so whatever I do purchase is put to good use. I had some expensive purchases I've made in the past, that I never wore, but those have all either been donated or sold on Ebay.

BONUS QUESTION - Show three favorite items right now!
So many pieces to choose from! lol. But if I had to limit it to three, these are the items I pick (in no particular order). Rag & Bone, Rebecca Taylor and Clover Canyon never fail to produce amazingly beautiful pieces!

Clover Canyon
Jeweled Tapestry Dress -
Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Rebecca Taylor
Blocked Leopard Pullover

Rag & Bone
Striped Boatneck Sweater

Date: 2014-02-21 11:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] aphroditemf.livejournal.com
You have great style! I wish I was knowledgeable enough about fashion to be able to hunt down designer bargains on eBay.

Awww, 1990s plaid skirts, I had some just like that!

In a weird coincidence, I am actually wearing one of my oldest items of clothing today! It's a Pink Floyd t-shirt I've had since I was 12.

Date: 2014-02-21 09:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] xjubesx.livejournal.com
Thank you! :D I learned a lot of my fashion know-how from fashion magazines and checking out the wears of my favorite actresses.

For the ebay bargain shopping prep, I had to read up on designer labels and spotting fakes. There are a LOT of fakes on Ebay, especially with certain popular designer apparel.

There are still certain labels I will NOT purchase on Ebay (higher end labels like Chloe, Chanel & Valentino) because 99% are fakes and those lables are harder to decipher on their legit status.

Plaid skirts were most certainly a must-have in the 90's lol. I was also all about the angora sweater trend. That's something I soooo wish would come back in full swing. XD
Edited Date: 2014-02-21 09:55 pm (UTC)


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